About Me


My name’s Eddie, I’m a writer and soon-to-be ex-student living in Edinburgh right now. I’m originally from Detroit, and moved out here around six years ago to go to school and improve my writing. I dabbled in writing fanfics (Constantine, and Artemis Fowl and the Rise of Angels, if you want to check them out) before beginning work on my novel, Mud Rat.

Between finishing my degree, trying to build up The Attic, I’ve gotten a bit side-tracked working on Mud Rat. But it’s almost finished! I started this blog to keep me writing. It’s something to write for. Something to connect with people over. I hope you take a look around and like what you read! 🙂

You can also find some of the posts I wrote for Adam Fisher at Gains, as well as links to The Attic where I work as a writer and editor.